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Innovative solutions offered by global manufacturers

For many years we have developed, created, and implemented technologies for the meat industry and the food processing industry. Upon a custom order, our team of designers make non-standard elements to connect various parts of production lines, including transport systems and other structural-assembly elements. The high quality of our services has been confirmed by hundreds of implementations and installations, and by our long cooperation with well-known global manufacturers and suppliers.

The unique characteristics and versatility of our activities make us one of the largest companies in the sector, not only from the quality standpoint, but most of all in the economic sense. We are a distributor and representative of many global brands whose products are included in our commercial portfolio.

Our process lines are made with tried and tested assemblies of well-known manufacturers. Thanks to cooperation with them, we are free to choose and fit equipment to make complete and optimized process lines. In the field of microwave technologies, we are a representative and distributor of equipment of such manufacturers as AMTek and SinnovaTek, which we offer to our customers – innovative food producing companies.

AMTEC INDUSTRIAL MICROWAVE SYSTEMS – fast, efficient, and even heating

The flexible layout and design of the systems make it possible to use the equipment in virtually any napplication that requires the use of microwaves. In the case of batch systems, the typical thawing time of a 20 kg block from -18 °C to -2 °C is equal to 50-60 seconds. The result of thawing can be very different for each raw material; however, we can thaw products to the maximum temperature of -2 °C.


  1. Liquid substance heating systems
  • quick, efficient, and uniform heating of products;
  • perfect for heating up all liquid substances, from vegetable oil to sauces, soups, and purées;
  • PLC controllers enable defining the heating profile requires to achieve excellent results for each type of product;
  • eliminates burning of surfaces;
  • reduces the process times by as much as 66% compared to conventional boilers;
  • as a result of even heating of the entire product batch, the quantity of waste and the possibility of overheating are reduced;
  1. Product drying and cooking systems
  • a double belt conveyor system is available;
  • durable structure made of stainless steel 304;
  • a system of stainless steel conduits;
  1. Thawing systems
  • simple and efficient thawing of deep-frozen meat blocks;
  • precise process control;
  • better food quality and safety;
  • reduction or elimination of contaminants;
  • multi-language software.


SinnovaTek is an authorized supplier of breakthrough Aseptia technologies. AseptiWave is a perfect solution that utilizes the microwave technology for the most demanding processes. It enables sterilization of all products with high content of proteins and vitamins, e.g. food for children. As a result, the use of additives that enrich products to achieve the recommended consumption level can be reduced. Reduce use of expensive ingredients in the production process translates into higher profits from each unit of the product produced. AseptiWave is also an effective solution for sterilization of liquid products containing solid particles that makes it possible to preserve their integrity, natural color, and nutritive value. This makes it possible to reduce the heating time by as much as 70% compared to conventional steam-based solutions.