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Proprietary microwave equipment

We know very well that use of microwave heating technologies in the industry translates into higher process speeds, high energy savings, improved efficiency, and better quality of the final product. This is we have specialized in microwave technologies for food processing that can be used in such processes as thawing, drying, pasteurization, and cooking.


Safety of the system:

  • With regard to microwaves – the key safety element of the machine is two microwave leak sensors that are calibrated so that the machine is stopped when even the smallest microwave leak is detected.
  • With regard to electric shock – the system is equipped with dual disconnector and switch systems and with numerous interlock systems that prevent operation of the machine in dangerous conditions, e.g. when the generator cabinet door is opened.
  • With regard to protection of the magnetron and to economic aspects – the system is designed to prevent switching the generator on when there is no product in the chamber.

Service and maintenance

In addition to downtime associated with cleaning and inspections, conventional heating and drying systems require periodic maintenance using expensive spare parts and performed by highly specialized personnel. In the case of microwave systems, the only element that requires maintenance and is the magnetron. Like all electron tubes, the magnetron has a limited service life and should be considered as a consumable. However, there is a number of factors that affect its service life. Most of all, a magnetron must be provided with an appropriate cooling system. Most magnetrons with power below 3 kW require only air cooling. On the other hand, most magnetrons with power above 3 kW require water cooling systems to properly dissipate the heat they generate.