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Benefits resulting from use of microwave systems

Every food producer who makes thousands of kilograms of food every day knows very well how important it is to have highly efficient and reliable machines and equipment in his facilities. Due to high competition and high supply of goods in the market, customers force food companies to quickly adapt to their frequently changing needs. Quick reaction and ability to satisfy the demand existing at a given time largely determine the profitability level of the production.

Why microwave systems?

  1. Microwaves generate energy of higher power density, thus increasing the efficiency and reducing the production costs.
  2. Microwave systems are more compact and require less working space.
  3. Microwave energy is highly controllable and can be switched on and off immediately, which eliminates the need for warming up and cooling down. The lack of high temperature on the surface of the product reduces the risk of burns and overheating to a minimum.
  4. Microwaves reduce the time of production, washing, and disinfection, and the quantity and cost of products used for this purpose.
  5. Microwaves enable contact-free drying method.
  6. Microwave energy ensures uniform distribution of energy. This results in a more uniform temperature and humidity profiles, higher yield, and higher efficiency. This, in turn, eliminates such shortcomings of conventional drying as loss of weight by drying, hardening, and cracking of the surface, as well as local overheating.
  7. Use of the microwave technology eliminates production of inflammable waste gases, which eliminates the need for any special environmental permits.
  8. Appropriate for the most demanding processing.
  9. Enable sterilization of all products with high content of proteins and vitamins, e.g. food for children.
  10. Compared to conventional heating, more nutrients and flavoring and aromatic ingredients are preserved in microwave-heated food products.